Peer to Peer Lending Sites: An Exhaustive Review

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According to the regulator, cumulative P2P lending platform loan origination increased to KRW , as of December in from KRW 72, in March and there was a debate as to whether the industry online lending companies getting overheated, with questions on whether the industry offered appropriate investor protection.

His approach to lending basics and filtering is how many of us got our start. India[ edit ] In Indiapeer-to-peer lending is currently unregulated. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation the way bank deposits are.

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There was a brief period of regulatory uncertainty on the P2P business model as the P2P lending model was not officially legalized under the then regulatory regime.

Securities offered by the U. Lending Club and Prosper are common featured stories here. Bulgaria[ edit ] There is no specific Peer-to-Peer lending regulation in Bulgaria.

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However, peer-to-peer lending platforms in India are helping a huge section of borrowers who have previously been rejected or have failed to qualify for a loan from banks. Up to that moment, this had not been done on a large scale yet in the p2p lending market.

By online lending companies category, real estate project financing origination constitutes c. The license and registration can be obtained at a securities regulatory agency such as the U.

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That follows 63 such cases in June, a higher number than in any month in the previous year [57]. Because past behavior is frequently indicative of future performance and low credit scores correlate with high likelihood of default, peer-to-peer intermediaries have started to decline a large number of applicants and charge higher interest rates to riskier borrowers that are approved. The Act enables peer-to-peer lending services to be licensed.

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In Korea, Online lending companies is a market leader by volume with KRW Bn cumulative loan originated up to March [] and Terafunding is the first peer to peer lending platform to launch retail P2P linked fund in partnership with Korean retail banks, Industrial Bank of Korea and Kyongnam Bank. Government Accountability Office explored the potential for additional regulatory oversight by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, though neither organization has proposed direct oversight of peer-to-peer lending at this time.

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Government protection[ edit ] Because, unlike depositors in banks, peer-to-peer lenders can choose themselves whether to lend their money to safer borrowers with lower interest rates or to riskier borrowers with higher returns, in the US peer-to-peer lending is treated legally as investment and the repayment in case of borrower defaulting is not guaranteed by the federal government U.

A recent report by the U.